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Theme: Lewis Carroll


Featured: Catch Your Death by H.L. Fullerton

  • Going Among Mad People by E. Catherine Tobler
    “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
  • Drink Me by DeAnna Knippling
    “If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later.”
  • Saturday Night at the Wonderland Club by Jennifer R. Povey
    “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.”

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The Devil in Midwinter
The Way Home
Harmony of Isis


Penumbra eMag


by Floris M. Kleijne A good author plays his * strengths. A great author goes all the extra miles; a great author strives. A brilliant author? A brilliant author does all that, and wises up. Now make no mistake about it: a good author usually is a worthwhile read, and success comes to good authors more often, and in larger quantities, than to the truly great, it seems. Dan Brown is an excellent example. Mr. Brown made a gazillion dollars pl...


If you could read works by only one author for the rest of your life, what author would you choose and why? One author? For the rest of my life? I think we need to talk fine print here. Are the selected author's works defined as existing works only? Are future works guaranteed? Is that guarantee null and void if said author is deceased/pre-deceases me? Or can I assume that the author will continue to generate new works as soon as I need anot...

Sandra Odell is in the Spotlight

Sandra Odell is an energetic woman who allows her creativity to follow whatever path it chooses. We caught up with this little dynamo to learn a little more of how her career is shaping. Can you tell us a bit about your publication experience with Penumbra? "Good-bye Hello" was written shortly after my mother's death from inoperable, non-responsive kidney cancer, and was one of my first sales. Crippled by grief, sliding two steps back for ...

Clear Up That Confusion

That and Which Take a Tip from Helen #10 by Helen Hardt Editors are often encouraged to get rid of "that" when it's not necessary. In these cases, the "that" is an extra word that's unnecessary to the meaning of the sentence. You're not replacing "that" with another word. For example: He knew that the day was ending. The "that" here is an unnecessary word. You can just as easily say: He knew the day was ending. However, when "t...

Daniel Ausema is in the Spotlight

Today's author has appeared in Penumbra more than once. He's not just a master of short fiction, either. He's also a master of serial fiction, as you're about to find out. Please give Daniel Ausema a warm welcome. Can you tell us a bit about your publication experience with Penumbra? My first story with Penumbra appeared in the inaugural issue (and also in the Penumbra's Best of Year One anthology). That was “The Square That Hides a Tho...

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Theme: Paranormal Adventures

Free Issues, Volume 1


Queen Mab by Brenda Anderson, When the story plot unfolds, we see the malevolent nature of the fairy queen. I enjoyed the flash of 'reality' with the Tunguska event, and of course the sweet revenge Hugh set in motion...”

Volume 2, Issue 12; Theme: The Fae

Reviewer: Yolanda

Musa Publishing Review

“In Sweet Home by Alex Gorman, aliens have taken over the world. Perversely, they are fond of dressing their slug-like shapes in human clothes and enjoying tea parties. These aliens are the worst kind of Evil Overlords, or the best depending on your perspective.”

Volume 2, Issue 11; Theme: Revolution

Reviewer: Cyd Athens

Tagent Online

The Silhouette and the Smoke by Richard Baldwin, is the story of a pair of lovers in a tribe without verbal language who are taught to speak by a bear... A sweet, sad story of innocence lost, that found me grieving even for Chief, whose first use of speech was to create the tribe's first lie.”

Volume 1, Issue 12; Theme: Native American Folklore

Reviewer: Stevie McMichael

Tagent Online

And When Innocence Falls to the Floor by Damien Walters Grintalis, Amelie confronts the horror and finds peace. Remembering doesn't make her happy, but the knowledge allows healing. She leaves the crumbling house and gets on with her life. Brutal images and a believable character. I enjoyed this. Well done.”

Volume 1, Issue 8; Theme: Fractured Fairy Tales

Reviewer: Sherry Decker

Tagent Online