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Theme: Hyperspeed


Featured: Mr Dash Saves the World by Gini Koch

  • Voices in the Black by Jeff Stehman
    When the only reality you know is virtual, how do you know what to do...
  • Interstellar Tech Support by Sarina Dorie
    When the only reality you know is virtual, how do you know what to do...

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Shannon Leight is in the Spotlight

One of the greatest things about working at a magazine like Penumbra is that sometimes you get to meet newbie writers. The excitement rolls off of them in waves, and they're wonderful people to work with. What's even better is when you get in touch and find out they're still writing stories that sound like you might just want to read them. Today's author, Shannon Leight, hasn't gotten a plethora of work published since she appeared in our March 2012 is...

Barry Rosenberg is in the Spotlight

Some of our writers get their very first publication—or first professional level publication—from Penumbra. Others have been writing for decades and gotten dozens of stories published. Today's author, Barry Rosenberg, falls somewhere in the middle. He's come to share a little bit about what he's up to and where he's going. Tell us a bit about your publication experience with Penumbra? I've had two stories published with Penumbra. The fi...

The Art of Untangling the Dangle

Dangling Modifiers Take a Tip from Helen #7 by Helen Hardt Here's a crash course on dangling modifiers. Recognize a dangling modifier when you see one. Modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that add description. In clear, logical sentences, you will often find modifiers right next to—either in front of or behind—the target words they logically describe. Read this example: Horrified, Mom snatched the deviled eggs from Jack, wh...


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by Dianna L. Gunn A lot has happened in the last three years. Penumbra has grown more popular. Musa has grown to become an ebook publishing giant and published hundreds of fantastic books. And many Penumbra writers have gotten their own books published or accomplished other great things. Today I'd like you to give a warm welcome to one such writer, Chris Ward: Can you tell us a bit about your publication experience with Penumbra? ...

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Theme: Pain

Free Issues, Volume 1


Queen Mab by Brenda Anderson, When the story plot unfolds, we see the malevolent nature of the fairy queen. I enjoyed the flash of 'reality' with the Tunguska event, and of course the sweet revenge Hugh set in motion...”

Volume 2, Issue 12; Theme: The Fae

Reviewer: Yolanda

Musa Publishing Review

“In Sweet Home by Alex Gorman, aliens have taken over the world. Perversely, they are fond of dressing their slug-like shapes in human clothes and enjoying tea parties. These aliens are the worst kind of Evil Overlords, or the best depending on your perspective.”

Volume 2, Issue 11; Theme: Revolution

Reviewer: Cyd Athens

Tagent Online

The Silhouette and the Smoke by Richard Baldwin, is the story of a pair of lovers in a tribe without verbal language who are taught to speak by a bear... A sweet, sad story of innocence lost, that found me grieving even for Chief, whose first use of speech was to create the tribe's first lie.”

Volume 1, Issue 12; Theme: Native American Folklore

Reviewer: Stevie McMichael

Tagent Online

And When Innocence Falls to the Floor by Damien Walters Grintalis, Amelie confronts the horror and finds peace. Remembering doesn't make her happy, but the knowledge allows healing. She leaves the crumbling house and gets on with her life. Brutal images and a believable character. I enjoyed this. Well done.”

Volume 1, Issue 8; Theme: Fractured Fairy Tales

Reviewer: Sherry Decker

Tagent Online