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Theme: Paranormal Adventures


Featured: When I Had Eyes, I Didn’t See by Anna Yeatts

  • Hauntings by Laura E. Price
    Some leave only shadows behind.
  • I Promise by Liz Colter
    Grief is more powerful than death.
  • The Woman on the Bench by Stephanie M.Lorée
    What is seen in the dark.
  • No Body by John P. Murphy
    Secrets never stay buried forever
  • A Cold Welcome by Floris M. Kleijne
    The past has a way of catching up.
  • Extra Innings by José Iriarte
    Sometimes goodbye isn’t the end.

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The Devil in Midwinter
The Way Home
Harmony of Isis


Penumbra eMag

My Favourite Holiday

by Dianna L. Gunn Okay, most countries don't officially consider Halloween a holiday, but odds are pretty good that you still think of it as one. After all, every year brings with it a wide array of Halloween events that range from readings done by horror writers in coffee shops to massive parties filled to overflowing with people in various states of intoxication. Not to mention the quantities of candy everywhere. All in all, you might no...

To Musa with Love

by Chris Pavesic Recently Dianna Gunn asked me to write a blog post for Musa’s Anniversary celebration. I am delighted to be part of the celebration for this wonderful company. Anniversaries are important; they let a person not only look to the past, but also provide an opportunity to consider the future. Dianna and I both started with Musa at Penumbra. She was an intern who acquired posts for the Penumbra blog and marketed the e-maga...

Shame on You, Eric!

Lie vs. lay Take a Tip from Helen #12 by Helen Hardt Ah yes, the lie versus lay debacle. And Eric Clapton got it wrong. Admittedly, this is a pet peeve of mine -- especially when I see the mistake in New York Times bestsellers. I had a critique partner once who stopped using lie and lay in her writing because she wasn't sure of the difference and didn't want me yelling at her for using them wrong. Of course, I never yell... :) BE ...

Why Flash?

by José Iriarte The majority of my in-real-life writer friends are novelists or aspiring novelists, so I'm a bit of an odd duck around them, with one foot in the novel-writing world and one foot in short fiction. Over and over my novelist friends say to me, "I can't possibly write anything as short as a short story," or "Every time I try to write a short story it turns into a novel." When they hear about flash fiction—I'm going to go wit...

Europa and Callisto - Cold to the Core

Sci-Fi Deak Style by John Deakins Simon Marius discovered the four Jovian moons the same year as Galileo. His names, centuries out of favor, are used today. Jupiter’s moon, Europa, though the smallest, gets the spotlight because of its water content. One model gives it 1-10 km of surface ice; the other argues for 60 – 100 km of ice. Both models predict a salty ocean beneath, perhaps another 100 km deep, stirred and heated by tidal flexi...

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Theme: Aliens

Free Issues, Volume 1


Queen Mab by Brenda Anderson, When the story plot unfolds, we see the malevolent nature of the fairy queen. I enjoyed the flash of 'reality' with the Tunguska event, and of course the sweet revenge Hugh set in motion...”

Volume 2, Issue 12; Theme: The Fae

Reviewer: Yolanda

Musa Publishing Review

“In Sweet Home by Alex Gorman, aliens have taken over the world. Perversely, they are fond of dressing their slug-like shapes in human clothes and enjoying tea parties. These aliens are the worst kind of Evil Overlords, or the best depending on your perspective.”

Volume 2, Issue 11; Theme: Revolution

Reviewer: Cyd Athens

Tagent Online

The Silhouette and the Smoke by Richard Baldwin, is the story of a pair of lovers in a tribe without verbal language who are taught to speak by a bear... A sweet, sad story of innocence lost, that found me grieving even for Chief, whose first use of speech was to create the tribe's first lie.”

Volume 1, Issue 12; Theme: Native American Folklore

Reviewer: Stevie McMichael

Tagent Online

And When Innocence Falls to the Floor by Damien Walters Grintalis, Amelie confronts the horror and finds peace. Remembering doesn't make her happy, but the knowledge allows healing. She leaves the crumbling house and gets on with her life. Brutal images and a believable character. I enjoyed this. Well done.”

Volume 1, Issue 8; Theme: Fractured Fairy Tales

Reviewer: Sherry Decker

Tagent Online