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Theme: Aliens


Featured: Alien Pick-Up by Gini Koch

  • Uplifting by Michael Haynes
  • Not the Wrong Planet by Mickey Hunt

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Short fiction magazines are a labor of love, time, and money, and while we’ve had a great run, Penumbra eMag is regrettably closing its doors. The final issue for the magazine will be released in December 2014.

We’d like to thank the readers and reviewers for their support over the years, and to the writers, thank you for sending us your stories. We could not have done it without you.


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Italics or Quotes?

Titles in a Manuscript Take a Tip from Helen #14 by Helen Hardt Use the following rules when a title of a work appears in a manuscript: Titles of books, newspapers, and magazines should be italicized. Examples: I heard that the book A History of Princess Crowns is fascinating. The astronaut had a subscription to the newspaper Mars Daily. Marsha likes the magazine Cats Monthly because it has cute photos. Titles of mov...


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Alien Invasions

Sci-Fi Deak Style by John Deakins They’re here! Titanic alien transports are overhead. Their saucers and our jets are duking it out in air and space. All human life is threatened, except . . . Stop! Why are they up there in the first place? They must want something we have. Ice pirates? Give me a break! There’s a lot more ice in space than there is water on Earth. Europa has an ice-crust kilometers thick; Saturn’s rings (which dwarf the...

My Problem With Short Stories

by Dianna L. Gunn I have a problem. I can't write short stories. Every time I sit down to write a short story, I write a scene and end up outlining a novel. The last time I deliberately tried to write a short story, I ended up plotting a trilogy. It hasn't always been this way... Or maybe it has. I started out writing short stories, but they almost always turned into a series of connected stories that could work quite well put togethe...

TO ALL THE VETERANS who gave so much to keep our great country free from the Penumbra eMag owners, staff, and authors

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Theme: Arthurian Legend

Free Issues, Volume 1


Queen Mab by Brenda Anderson, When the story plot unfolds, we see the malevolent nature of the fairy queen. I enjoyed the flash of 'reality' with the Tunguska event, and of course the sweet revenge Hugh set in motion...”

Volume 2, Issue 12; Theme: The Fae

Reviewer: Yolanda

Musa Publishing Review

“In Sweet Home by Alex Gorman, aliens have taken over the world. Perversely, they are fond of dressing their slug-like shapes in human clothes and enjoying tea parties. These aliens are the worst kind of Evil Overlords, or the best depending on your perspective.”

Volume 2, Issue 11; Theme: Revolution

Reviewer: Cyd Athens

Tagent Online

The Silhouette and the Smoke by Richard Baldwin, is the story of a pair of lovers in a tribe without verbal language who are taught to speak by a bear... A sweet, sad story of innocence lost, that found me grieving even for Chief, whose first use of speech was to create the tribe's first lie.”

Volume 1, Issue 12; Theme: Native American Folklore

Reviewer: Stevie McMichael

Tagent Online

And When Innocence Falls to the Floor by Damien Walters Grintalis, Amelie confronts the horror and finds peace. Remembering doesn't make her happy, but the knowledge allows healing. She leaves the crumbling house and gets on with her life. Brutal images and a believable character. I enjoyed this. Well done.”

Volume 1, Issue 8; Theme: Fractured Fairy Tales

Reviewer: Sherry Decker

Tagent Online